Vallée de Fuilla

Living the Dream

We first visited the area in 2002 and immediately fell in love, to say it was different from where we hail from in Ireland is an understatement. It then took 3 years to decide and find that this area was where we wanted to be. After 34 years of marriage in Ireland, the children having fled the nest it was our time, and where better to spend it….away from the hustle and bustle of town life, in this beautiful valley, 45 minutes from the ski slopes, and the same distance to the Mediterranean coast in mostly sunshine, if not always warm

So we made an offer, sold up, and commenced our new life… After 12 months we opened the 1st Gite and over the next two years finished the conversion of the other two, of course as with all things in life it was not plain sailing but we overcame all and have never looked back.

It took some time to get going had very successful years. 

Life Here

Reasons why we love living here... 

There are so many. The weather, yes we get the occasional dull day but not so many. The villagers are very welcoming and we have a vast set of friends from many countries who live here abouts, but never feel we live in an expat community.

The outdoors….walking is amazing and as easy or difficult as you want...Pic de Canigou 2,800mt, the sacred mountain overlooking the valley, where from the summit at sunrise on a clear day you can see both Montpelier to Barcelona….to strolls around Fuilla and many of the other villages nearby.




Away from immediate family...but only a few hours all the same… as there are many airports within easy access.


Bureaucracy, yes the French love paper work, but if you are polite and make an effort with the lanugage even if very weak, they are willing to help… you will find you have friends with a good command of the language always willing to come to your aid, they may well have encountered many of the same problems.

We were in our mid 50's, and having no other source of income other than our current jobs, we found this old veal farm, and seeing the potential of an income and some small saving after selling up. 

Now we are winding down to full retirement and realize we cannot stay here without renting the Gites, so for that reason we must put our lovely home and property on the market as a going concern.

The variety of cultural pursuits….

This region was Spanish in different era's, discovering more about Cathars. The effect and part the area played in the changing times all give the history buff a lot of interesting places to pursue.


And not forgetting the wines of Occitane Region, now regarded as some of the worlds finests...but are still reasonable priced for the locals!


Access, 2.5 hours from many cities, for example Toulouse, Montpelier and Barcelona.

The whole of Spain is very accessible, and with Cadiz, Faro, Rome, Salzburg, the Channel Tunnel within a 12 hour drive.


All images are of the property or valley of Fuilla


Looking for further information please do drop us an email through our contact page! 





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